Centennial Retaining Walls

Centennial Retaining Walls

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Imagine a high-quality, high-end front lawn. It probably has lush green grass, fresh mulch, and a variety of beautiful plants, flowers, and foliage. However, this arrangement won’t last long without underlying structural integrity. Any homeowner who wants to retain their landscape needs to invest in retaining walls. Centennial homeowners are catching on to this essential landscaping feature and we at Thunderbird Design are here to do what we do best, which is develop the best plan for your yard and implement it reliably, for a good price.

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What Does A Retaining Wall Do?

A retaining wall provides a number of functional benefits that will keep your outdoor space looking great. Some of these features include:

  • Erosion Control: A primary function of retaining walls is to prevent soil erosion. They provide stability to sloping areas, which hold soil in place despite rainfall or irrigation.

  • Creating Level Areas: Retaining walls can be used to create level platforms or terraces on a sloped landscape. In other words, you can maximize your outdoor space despite challenging terrain.

  • Improved Drainage: Having adequate drainage is an important part of any lawn. Retaining walls redirect water flow, which prevents excess moisture buildup (which leads to soil erosion). Retaining walls are part of a sustainable landscape.

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Aesthetic Value

One of the greatest benefits of retaining walls is that they’re an aesthetically pleasing addition to your yard, while at the same time having excellent functional benefits:

  • Visual Appeal: At Thunderbird Design, we can build retaining walls in a variety of materials, shapes, and designs, in order to complement a visually stunning landscape.

  • Design Integration: Your retaining wall can be seamlessly integrated into your landscape design, harmonizing with your existing gardens, pathways, and outdoor structures.

  • Versatility: There are multiple use cases for retaining walls. Among the most common are raised flower beds, outlining seating areas, or simply as decor. They can be a focal point or a backdrop depending on your design preferences.

A retaining wall can do wonders for the aesthetics of your Centennial home’s lawn or garden, and it will at the same time provide a sustainable, long-term solution to your landscaping needs. You’ll be able to plant the flowers you’ve always wanted without worrying about erosion, and you can trust that Thunderbird Design’s 20+ years of experiences means creating the highest-quality retaining walls for you. Learn more about our retaining walls now.

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